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Welcome to Santa Marta Colombia! Enjoy viewing the photos of the sexy Escorts of Santa Marta!

  • Santa Marta is a wonderful beach community that should be included in any Colombian Vacation!
    The Escorts of Santa Marta are sexy, short and dark like many of the people along the Caribbean coast!
    Enjoy viewing the photos of the Santa Marta Escorts!

Overview of Santa Marta

  • The quaint city of Santa Marta is located 2 hours east of Barranquilla on the Colombian Caribbean coast. Santa Marta was the first city to be founded in Colombia and the second city to be founded in South America.

    Today, Santa Marta is an important maritime port and a popular tourist destination for both Americans and Colombians. The American tourist arrive in Santa Marta via cruise ships that depart from Miami. The Colombians vacation at the small town of El Rodadero located 10 minutes west of Santa Marta proper. The majority of Adventure Romance Tour activities will take place in El Rodadero.

  • Like other Caribbean cities, the temperature in Santa Marta ranges from 70 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The most pleasant weather is between the months of November and December offer, which also coincides with the popular tourism season. As a result, it is a good idea to book your Adventure Romance Tour to Santa Marta Early!

  • The Beach at El Rodadero

    The best beach environment along the entire Colombian Caribbean coast is found in El Rodadero. In El Rodadero you will find a long, popular beach full of Colombians on holiday. Jet Ski and other water crafts are available for rent and when you get hungry there are many food carts on the promenade offering a wide assortment ranging from slices of pizza to excellent corn on the cobb!

  • Tayrona National Park

    The Adventure Romance Tour will be offering snorkeling and scuba diving trips to Tayrona Natural Park (Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona). Tayrona Natural Park is located 34 km north of Santa Marta and covers some 30 square kilometers of maritime area in the Caribbean sea and some 150 km² of land.

  • Women of Santa Marta

    Similar to Cartagena and Barranquilla, the women of Santa Marta are known as Costena's and they reflect the city's multi-cultural blend. The women of Santa Marta will generally be shorter and will have darker features then the women from Medellin, Bucaramanga and Manizales.
    Like all Colombians, the Costena's you will feel welcomed and appreciated!

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